Do you defend and show your support for your favourite ladies both on- and off-screen? Are you disappointed in the way popular media handles poc and lgbtq+ women?

From the queens of Game of Thrones to the kick-ass heroines of Marvel, the Ladies Network is a blog that will celebrate both female characters and celebrities from all fandoms, a safe place to share your love and excitement for women of all kinds.

We are looking for dedicated members who want to be a part of a female-positive network and share their interests and opinions of amazing women from their fandoms with others through posting edits, gifs, graphics, etc.

R U L E S :

  • check out the admins anna and amanda (follow us if you want to)
  • reblog this post to spread the word (likes don’t count)
  • fill in this cool form
  • all blogs are welcome, including multifandom blogs
  • must reach 30 notes, and we will be choosing 10 members
  • track #ladiesnetwork for updates
  • applications end July 31

B E N E F I T S :

  • a safe, hate-free environment to talk about their favourite females
  • a great group chat to make new friends
  • a spot on the member page of the editing blog
  • a place to reblog your own edits and gain followers
  • true friendship with the #brotp goals that is us, ananda

thank you!


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