The first time I recorded an album I was 15, so how am I really gonna talk about heartbreak and devastation and loss then? I’m just gonna talk about dancing and jumping around. I’d come in and I’d want things that were uplifting and positive, and then once I started living life, I guess I realized I’m definitely not jumping around all the time and I’m definitely not super stoked every damn day.  I wanted to work with people who’d pull that out of me. What I love about the opportunities I’ve had so far is that I have people who are willing to push me – including yourself – to go there emotionally. I like when people do that in the studio. This is a true story, this literally happened yesterday: I was starving, I hadn’t eaten for, like, six hours, and I kept asking when the food was coming. I was like, I’m sorry, my voice just sounds like I’m wearing it out because I’m starving. They held the food off for an hour and a half because they liked the desperation in my voice. That’s kind of genius to me. I was like, I’m not even mad at you but I’m definitely mad at you! After my burrito, it sounded completely different.


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