hey loves! i figured since i made a url change, and i’m no where near my next k, i should do one of these. i haven’t done one in quite a while. a lot has changed since then… but mainly, i not-so-subtly changed from 100% taylor to an awkward fandom and aesthetic mix. anyways, i want to thank all my followers and everyone i follow for making this hellsite a bit better. before i begin, i would like to mention that this is not all mutuals and please, please, please don’t think i’m trying to get followers with this post… i’m just trying to give a sliver of the recognition that these blogs deserve. also, i would like to mention a few of my friends.

honorable mentions:

@princemelani: graceee. we’ve been friends for what is it? nine years now. that’s insane to me. so naturally, i had to drag you to tumblr with me. we’re in different fandoms and we don’t reblog the same stuff but tbh it’s kinda comforting to know you’re on here with me. with people you know personally, it’s always a little awkward to ask for your tumblr. they ask and you’re like **may i tumble down some stairs now???*** but with you it’s different. i’m not afraid if you see me post something that says ‘i hate the people at school’ even though you were one of them at the time. i wasn’t afraid because i know, you will know i’m not talking about you. you’re an actual sweetheart. that judges everyone. oops. did i say that?!? what? it’s true. anyways you are a piece of trash and i love you for it.

@hadyoufiguredouts: elizA. you are the best binch on this website. you’ve helped me grow so much. not only on this website but as a person. you don’t even know how much i appreciate every thing you’ve done for me. i sincerely love every single edit, passage from your stories, and vine you’ve sent me. you’re so talented. and beautiful. you told me about two hours ago that i deserved the world. were you looking in the mirror when you said that?..?… i love the posts you send me from your dash because they make no sense or they’re funny as shit. i love when i watch aotc, and lets be honest here, when am i not watching aotc, that you read the stuff i said last week like god jocelin she knows anakin is a savage because you say that every. damn. time. anyways, i love our incoherent letters. i just love you salty binch.

@conc3rt: shawna! another person i know personally! except, opposite. you dragged me here. you started to like taylor and i was like omg!!1! shawna’s sooo cool so i’ll like her too! well fast forward and i’m dead inside. ily tho. you did drag me here and i am pretty grateful. we’ve gotten closer because of it. i can’t believe you legitimately like me lmao. remember that time we went to the 1989 wt? well i will. forever. you were so kind to not only bring me along, to buy my freaking ticket! it’s still kinda surreal for me. i’m so excited for you that your getting out of the most boring state in the usa! now i have an excuse to come to nyc. i’m so happy to have you in my life! ilysm mom.

@avengerns: last but not least, lett. first off the name letícia is beautiful. we just started talking but i already feel like i know you. you’re so sweet and wonderful. we have all the same interests it’s pretty crazy. i love your acc so much. it’s so aesthetically pleasing. anyways, you’re a wonderful girl and i’m so excited to get to know you better!

okay so after that long, stressful, ordeal of sap, let’s begin!

@1989clean @anakin-pls @atwells @backtodecembcr @bejusttrees  @bejusttrees @bensolcs @blushinbarnes @burnttoast-sunday @callingmeup @callsmeup @chrispatt @coldsayou
@@daddystyles @daisyridlay @dcrthanakin @dec13th @deerejohn @fightingwithhim @fineatall @forgetyouaslongasilive @foughtsthewar @gaurdisup @gordcns @gryffindour
@harrystyler @haylor-swizzle @haylordgaf @heathenbarnes @herhmione @hogwvrt @http-thislove @iknowplasces @inredlipstick @jamesbahrnes @jedipercy @julyninths @kaeliekloss @kirasyukimra @knowyoubetters
@lexiesqrey @ligtsaber @livelikethats @lizzimcguire @mascaraswift @milkshakeitoff @monica-geller @newromaantics @nightlock @ohtroyes @oydssey
@padmesanidala @paralyyzedbyit @poees @plzleavemestranded @pureblud @pvedameron @rileymatthew @rogrs @rumorflys @ryanrneyolds @sameoldswift @sckbeat @sherlockswift @shieldsharing @shouldvessaidno @slyherin @somebodytodiefor@sophievturner @spairksfly @stayslaystay @stcrwar @stevebuckyjames @stevies @stylesebastian @sweetfictions
@taylahswift @taylorsvivt @taylorswiffs @tayswiftnation @theloveofswift @thirteenlegohouses @tragedynows @untouhcable @vianneswift @venuswift @walking-inthxwind @wildestjeans @wildxstdreamss @wintiersoldier @zaitanna @zapswift

okay so thanks so everyone on this list for being an inspiration to me and my blog! i love you all.


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